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Why Insulcap?

Improving world health, mitigating your risk, and saving you time and costs associated with reshipping.

The role of a thermal barrier is to maintain the desired internal temperature range of the contained goods while protecting the goods from the external thermal environment.

Thermal barrier materials perform a key function in providing a control mechanism in the management of the thermal risks to which temperature-sensitive goods are exposed, during their storage and transport:

For those requiring dependable thermal pallet covers, InsulCap® offers robust protection. Crafted from durable, thermally insulating material, the solution shields sensitive commodities from extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, while also preventing physical damage like abrasions.

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Thermal Pallet Solutions

What is Insulcap?

InsulCap® is a thermal pallet cover manufactured and meeting US Military and MOD specifications. InsulCap® has seven-layer Insul® technology to protect against extremes in temperature and weather.
InsulCap® can also be custom sized to fit your specific needs. Our product sheets contain the dimensions and specifications of InsulTechnology®.
Download our product specification sheets here to learn the difference between our InsulPlatinum®, InsulGold® and InsulPrime® soloutions.

Thermal Barrier Protection

How does it work?

InsulCap® creates a thermal barrier when covering palletised products and this enclosed thermal environment passively controls temperature during storage and transport. Because we have created a unique product, it effectively manages temperature control, ensuring optimal thermal protection. 

Specifically Designed For Air Freight

The only thermal pallet cover specifically designed for air freight


Ensuring risk mitigation, product integrity, and patient safety

Meets Military Specifications

Offering unmatched protection for high-value assets in challenging environments

Customer Benefits

What makes it unique?

InsulCap® meets US Military and MOD specifications.

InsulCap® thermal pallet covers:

Product Features
Customer Benefits
Lightweight protection system
Easy and safe to handle
Custom cut profiles
Easy to install to existing load configuration
Flat pack shipping and storage
Reduces transport and storage costs
Tough thermal barrier material
Reliable and reusable
Precision cut reflective material
Reduces waste and enhances presentation of goods
Recycled/recyclable material content
Reduced environmental impact
US Miliary & MOD grade materials
Should be reused time and time again

InsulCap® thermal pallet covers can reduce fuel and transport costs due to their light weight. In some instances, such as for short-haul transportation by road, they can replace the need for refrigerated trucks.

Pharmaceutical and Logistics

Who uses Insulcap?

Join leading pharmaceutical and logistical companies around the world in taking your risk mitigation and product protection seriously.

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Our Thermal Innovation Solutions

“We’ve collaborated with Wilpak Group International to produce temperature control packaging that meets the needs of the cold chain industry markets within Europe.”

SEE (Sealed Air)


Large Pallet stack of Insulcap and Insulbox thermal pallet covers

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