Innovative protection against the risk of thermal excursion.

Improving world health with Insul®Technology innovations since 2003

Superior thermal protection for pharmaceutical products.

Improving world health with Insul®Technology innovations since 2003

Reducing the risk and loss from excursions when transporting product globally.

Improving world health with Insul®Technology innovations since 2003


Wilpak Group International provides innovative thermal protection solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry to manage risks to temperature sensitive products during transport and storage.

InsulCap thermal protective cover over pallet for air freight of temperature sensitive goods


InsulCap® thermal pallet covers are manufactured from lightweight insulation materials that regulate temperature using Wilpak’s globally recognised, seven-layer Insul® Technology to provide protection of temperature sensitive products at any and every point in the supply chain and especially when breaks occur, such as when goods are being loaded or unloaded.


InsulBox® thermal protection box liners utilise the same lightweight insulation materials and globally recognised seven-layer Insul®Technology as InsulCap® but in the form of box liners which can be custom manufactured to suit any size box or container. Ideal for managing temperature when transporting small pharmaceutical or organic goods.

InsulBox offers thermal protection for the transport of temperature sensitive goods
Wilpak's technology protects temperature sensitive goods during air freight

What is Insul®Technology?

Developed by and exclusive to Wilpak International Group, Insul®Technology utilises seven layers of insulation to create a thermal barrier that reflects radiant heat and reduces the conduction and convection of thermal energy thereby controlling the temperature within pallets and boxes and reducing the risk of excursion in pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products.

InsulCap® created to manage the temperature profiles of pharmaceutical products.

How InsulCap® met the challenge of a 77-hour flight Melbourne to Chicago (via Hong Kong)

The simulated air freight shipment of 15ml vials of liquid medication, boxed and palletised (1M3 approximately) was required to sit within a temperature range of not greater than 300C and not less than 0°C. The total trip time was approximately 77 hours – Melbourne to Chicago (via Hong Kong) with exposure profile designed to replicate the typical northern hemisphere winter…

InsulBox® manufactured to your specific requirements and easy to use.

InsulCap® Pallet covers are manufactured in a range of lightweight materials including InsulPlatinum®, InsulGold® and InsulPrime®